About Bridges

Bridges Home Care has been delivering quality health care services in Henley homes for over a decade. The business is an award winning partnership - owner managed, independent and privately run. The area served has grown to South Oxfordshire and Berkshire and our services now include Bridges Hot Meal Delivery Service.

Bridges Home Care

"I would like to say a big thank you for the way you provided care for all our clients during the snow. Your organisation of this care, forward planning and the flexibility of your staff was very much appreciated"

Partners Wendy James and Bonny Harrison, have over forty years experience in the management of home health care. Wendy and Bonny manage Bridges Home Care personally to ensure quality and reliability in each aspect of the care provided.

We design an individually tailored package for each client around their own needs. Working with family and friends, we advise and integrate our support services into the client’s home routine.

Discussing your situation informally and in confidence can be helpful, and we can suggest where Bridges might be able to fulfil a need. We are always looking for new opportunities to grow and develop our support services.

We bridge the gap to enable independence in the home.

Coverage map - click to enlarge

Bridges Home Care Coverage Map - Click to Enlarge

The new Bridges Hot Meal Delivery Service has got off to a healthy start and is already serving a wide number of house bound, infirm or convalescent clients. We hope that this will be the first of more services under the Bridges banner to help all those who need just a small support to give them a big boost towards new independence and quality living.