Have you ever thought about a career in care?

Choosing a career path is a challenge. Bridges Home Care offers a range of different roles that utilise many different skills, offer independence and flexibility and make a difference to the well being of others and your own. Bridges provide the training and experience you need to grow into a fulfilling and life changing opportunity. Please call and discuss the next step.

Job description

Post Title: Support Worker
Responsible to: Registered Manager

The care provided by a Support Worker is what would normally be given by members of the family and does not include tasks that should be undertaken by a trained nurse.

The following list illustrates the type of duties that a Support Worker may be asked to undertake. At all times a Support Worker must comply with Bridges Home Care guidelines and policies.

  • To help people with getting up in the morning, washing/bathing and dressing. Helping with undressing and getting to bed in to evening.
  • To make meals, drinks and supper-time snacks when necessary.
  • To provide assistance with toileting and with changing clothes and/pr bedding where necessary. To empty and cleanse commodes. Assist in the organisation of laundering of clothes and bed linen (which may include laundry soiled by incontinence) when necessary.

  • To provide assistance with other tasks of daily living that the person cannot manage, which may include cleaning, shopping, collecting pensions, and paying bills.
  • Record information in the Client record Books and Medication Record Sheets.
  • To report to the Team Leader or Registered Manager any changes in the health or social circumstances of the client.
  • To encourage people towards a degree of independence and activity appropriate to their abilities.
  • Within an agreed plan, and in consultation with the Registered Manager, to contribute to the supervision of people who have a tendency to wander, neglect themselves or put themselves at risk.
  • Following the guidance of the Registered Manager, remind people to take medication and/or the supervision of medication.
  • To be aware of the appropriate action to take in an emergency.
  • After appropriate training, to comply with Moving and Handling legislation when moving clients.
  • To have an appropriate knowledge of the correct use of aids and equipment used by or with people in their normal daily living, and to report any obvious defects.
  • To works with a client’s family or carer to maintain the client in the home.
  • To provide general support to the client as part of the caring team.
  • To undergo such training as is necessary to carry out the duties of a support worker.
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