Listening is a two way street. Employers want employees to listen, husbands want wives to listen, parents want children to listen, doctors want patients to listen. In all these relationships the desire for listening is also relevant ‘vice versa’.

The employer / employee relationship is often one where the opposite side is blamed for refusing to listen. The current dispute between the Minister for Health and Junior Doctors seems to revolve around their inability to listen to one another. Listening perhaps is another word for understanding.

In the ‘care business’ good listening skills are important to understand all aspects of the clients’ needs, their support relationships and the Care Package that will be appropriate for them. Successful communication links, from client to carers and from carers to managers are dependent on the skill of listening. Information imparted by phone or in person needs to be relayed accurately, and sometimes recorded conscientiously, so that care quality can be sustained.

Good listening and communications skills enable the team at Bridges Home Care to deliver first class care services, from daily personal hygiene and the supervision of medication to accompanying clients on shopping trips or hospital appointments.

Bridges Home Care works hard to listen to their clients and carers alike, so that good relationships are built and reliable care services delivered and sustained. Bridges invests in the latest technology to ensure daily project management is efficient and also to ensure that there is a strong contact system in place when staff themselves are in need of support.

The standard of care that Bridges Care Team administer to their clients is also apparent in the quality of the company’s internal relationships. Indeed, listening is a two way street and staff are listened to. One illustration of this is the recent introduction of paid travel time to ensure that the staff are properly paid for the time they spend in between care appointments.

In a Quality Audit this year over 96% of client responses were ‘good’ or ‘above’. From this audit client comments include; “The questionnaire proves that Bridges care about their quality of service.” and

“The standards of all staff are much better than other care providers we have used in the past.”

Do you want to work for a Home Care business that cares for both its staff and clients? We are interested in you, whether you are experienced or in need of training. We offer flexible shifts, paid travel time and good rates of pay. Contact Bonny or Wendy today to discuss your place in the team.