There is a story of three Russian workers who were walking home together. The winter weather got worse and worse until one of the companions collapsed from the cold, and was unable to continue the journey. One of his companions said “Oh let’s leave him, we hardly have enough strength to get home ourselves”. But the other one picked up his friend over his shoulders and continued slowly homewards carrying the sick man. He progressed more slowly but moved steadily forward through the snow and ice. After a while he came across the other traveller, who had succumbed to the extreme cold and lay frozen to death at the side of the road. Still carrying his ailing companion, the caring man eventually reached safety and was able to summon help for his friend. Those who attended the sick man said, “He has kept you warm on your journey, without his warmth you probably would not have made it home either!”.

The moral of the story of course, is that when we help others who are in need we often help ourselves without realising it. One of the best ways to alleviate sadness, grief or depression is to think about others, even better to do something positive to show that we care. Sending a greetings card, making a visit to one in hospital or driving a frail person to an appointment, are all really positive actions that we can all accomplish in our daily lives. Often when we set out to help another, we discover great benefit for ourselves. It may be a worthwhile friendship renewed, a new relationship built, or the discovery of a new activity or hobby.

To become a career care worker means putting this principle into practice in a professional way, by serving others and being rewarded, not only financially but also through being part of a well trained, supportive team.

At Bridges Home Care all the carers are well trained both in theory and practical skills. The training is ongoing, so each individual is regularly given the opportunity to grow in their own qualifications and aptitude.

Bridges Home Care is assessed regularly by Quality Assurance Agencies and also through User Questionnaires. Through their User Guides, agency transparency and proactive relationships are developed. The User Guide is a very good indication (80 - 90% positive responses) that Bridges is an excellent agency whose professional carers deliver excellent support to those in need, not only in the practical sense but in the quality of their attitude to the client and their family.

One service user has said “We have been greatly impressed by the professionalism, technical ability, kindness and cheerfulness and interest in us of all the carers who have attended to our needs.”

The team are well supported by the directors and managers who have many years of professional care experience between them. So if you would like to receive real reward for being a friend to those in need, contact Bonny at Bridges today.