It’s sometimes hard to admit that you are in need. Most of us fiercely defend our independence, and even using a stick or wheelchair can be difficult to come to terms with.

There are 11.9 million people living with a disability in the UK, which is approximately 19% of the population. Of those 56% have a disability relating to mobility. It’s also known that disability can impair educational achievement. If you are disabled you are three times less likely to hold any form of qualification, half as likely to have a degree and, if you are 18 years of age you are less likely to be in a job than your non-disabled peer.

So, those in need seem to have the odds stacked against them in more ways than one. However,those who care for the disabled report on their generosity of spirit, their courage in the face of adversity and the lessons they learn being in their company.

It truly seems to be the kind of work that rewards the carer in unexpected ways. Bridges Home Care provides an award winning service ‘bridging the gap’, so that those who have a disability or a need for support can stay in their own home and remain independent.

One of their regular clients says “The carer role in this country is critical. It’s an important part of the social fabric. Lots of people for one reason or another aren’t well and need help”. Like many this young man is dependent on relaible care support in his home to stay independent and to enjoy his life to the full.

Carers say it’s ‘the best job in the world’ as you are bringing smiles to the faces of people who have a lot of courage and determination, but just need a little practical support day by day to stay independent.

Perhaps someone you know has the time and resources to become a friend to those in need, taking on a critical role and helping to maintain the social fabric as well as becoming a friend to some really special people. Why not contact Bridges to find out how to become a home care worker – a friend to those in need?