Small things can make a huge difference to the lives of others. We all appreciate a please or a thank you, a smile of welcome, or a door being held open.

The desire to be treated with dignity and respect does not diminish with age. Aging often means an increase in physical or mental disability, and a growing sensitivity towards relationships and received treatment.

10 million people in the UK are over 65, and 19% of the population are disabled. Disability rises with age, from only 5% of children to 45% of state pensioners. Where possible, people want to remain independent in their own home, despite age or disability, to enjoy their familiar surroundings.

Home carers are needed to support folk at home, so they can enjoy a good quality of life. Carers who spend quality time with a person, give them respect and dignity whilst supporting them in every day living.

Bridges Home Care has a reputation for delivering quality health care services at home and believes that the way the services are delivered is of prime importance. Their care team give ‘that bit extra’, providing practical help with personal encouragement and a smile.

This means an exceptional attitude, exceptional health care, and we believe, exceptional fulfilment and sense of purpose for the carers themselves. “I’ve learnt that there is nothing better for my own mood and well being, than helping another to maintain their day to day dignity and comfort”, says Paul Ray the Health Care Co-ordinator at Bridges. Paul has discovered that the practical side of care support is straightforward once he had received training from Bridges and the right equipment.

Home Care workers are a strategic resource, providing simple but critical support in divers ways such as personal hygiene, medication supervision, laundry and help to visit shops, libraries or hospitals.

‘Pushing yourself’ can sometimes mean discovering a whole new journey of adventure and fulfilment even when you start by trying to help someone else. Why not give that bit extra and call Bridges to find out how pushing yourself can empower someone else’s life.